5 Fve Card Stud

How to Play 5 (Five) Card Stud

Note: To play Five-Card Stud Poker you must have enough credits to place an ante and a bet.

  1. Place an ante on the table.


    • The ante amount is set by the card room.
    • There is no ante amount when the game stakes are $0.50/$1.00.
  2. Each Player is dealt two cards: one pocket card and one visible card.
  3. The Player with the lowest card showing must bring-in the betting.
  4. In the second round, another visible card is dealt to all Players at the table. A round of betting follows. This process continues until each Player has one pocket card and four visible cards.
  5. After the last visible card is dealt to each, a final round of betting follows. Remaining Players display their pocket card. The highest hand wins.


  • Watch your opponents’ visible cards. You can see when you are on a losing hand. And you can see if any card that you need to complete a winning hand is already taken by another Player.